My Setup

Music studio 2

One of the key drivers behind my competitive pricing is because I haven’t found the necessity to invest in a full-blown recording studio facility, filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in real-world hardware.

In this, the 21st century, thanks to incredibly sophisticated, dedicated software, all key audio mixing and mastering processes can be done ‘in the box’. In short,  computers are now more than capable of processing and generating results on par with most analogue audio hardware products. And I have spent years, devoting myself to becoming highly proficient in these software programs.

One critical aspect of the mixing and mastering process is audio monitoring. And as any audio professional will attest, the key is having a reliable range of different monitoring options to reference and compare audio material. 

My mixing environment currently has no less than 5 optimal monitoring options, which include the following industry standard studio speakers –

  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio speakers
  • KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitor
  • Auratone Recording Monitors

I also believe in the benefits of custom in-ear monitors, and I regularly use 2 products that I have had custom-made by Ultimate Ears. I use a set of UE 7 Pros,  and also the company’s high-end reference models UE Pro Remastered in-ear monitors which are specifically designed for professional mixing engineers and producers.

And to be perfectly honest, like many audio engineers, I still rely on my trusty car stereo as another monitoring source, since I’ve listened to literally hundreds of hours of hit music from those speakers, so it is also one of my go-to sources to cross-reference and check how a mix is sounding, outside the studio environment.