About Me

Mike Wilcox
em: mike@midnightmastering.com
ph: +61 0418 660566
Tasmania, Australia

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Musical Background –

Professionally tutored in both wind instruments and percussion from the ripe old age of 10, I continued honing my musical skills right through my higher tertiary years till eventually receiving a distinction in music studies before leaving the education system. 

A wide variety of musical projects transpired in the years following, across a range of bands and music projects both live and recorded, including live musical theatre productions, regular live musical performances, and studio recording sessions, where I frequently switched between sides of the control room mixing desk. 

Professional Audio Engineer Background –

A bright-eyed and bushy-tailed teenager, I entered the commercial radio industry with my first ‘day job’ as a trainee audio technician, and quickly grasped the fundamentals of audio signal flows, optimum level mixing, not to mention the trade secrets to getting music played on radio stations! I quickly became a jack of all trades, from radio production duties, outside broadcast technician, live music producer, and general audio signal troubleshooter. 

After cutting my teeth in the commercial world, I jumped ‘radio’ ship to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), carrying out much the same audio duties for a few more years (albeit with much better facilities and equipment), which eventually led to an offer to ‘switch’ ships to Triple J HQ in Sydney, where music is the lifeblood of this National youth radio network. Primarily employed as a radio promo producer, I also regularly lent an audio hand to popular long-running music shows including Live At The Wireless, Mixup, Home and Hosed, and Like a Version. And it’s here, for almost a decade, that I cemented my deep knowledge and understanding of music mixing, producing, and mastering.

During this time, I kept an active hand in writing, recording, and performing original music, as one of the founding members, and drummer, of Sydney-based indie band, Lazy Susan. During my term, the band recorded and released 3 full-length albums, 2 EP, and a handful of singles. 

Currently –

I still have a hand in the odd live music performances, though my interest and passion is the studio environment, whether I’m tracking, mixing, producing, or mastering music for others. My decades of experience have taught me a great deal about capturing the passion, energy, power, and rawness of original music, and also how to bring out the sonic best in an artist’s performance. I believe I have a unique set of skills and experience,  and I want to pass that on through my services here.